Angel's cry

Golden Boy Mike delivers a driving kick combined with a beautiful piano and meditative chant reminscent of an Angel's Cry that trance fans will love.  In 2 days it shot up the charts to land at #4 in the Top 10 Trance songs on the highly coveted tunes4djs charts! dd your business motto by double clicking.


MJS Records releases its 2nd single from Golden Boy Mike called Hover (MJS002).  Hover is a trance song that features 2 sounds that rotate speakers moving left to right and up and down sounding like something is Hovering.

MIAMI nights

“Miami Nights” is a high energy trance blaster influenced by the street sounds of Miami’s eclectic South Beach nightlife scene.  The breakdown features Latin congas and leads up to heavenly synths and powerful chords soaring to build the energy before releasing it onto the dance floor.  A strong dueling bassline keeps the song grooving while other special effects entertain the listener’s ear throughout the song. 


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